Getting Google to notice you

Getting Google to notice you

As businesses, we are always looking to increase our ranking on the search engines, the more visible the better. Here are just a few tips which may help you achieve this. The tips aim to help both with your website’s Google rankings and with your Google MyBusiness page. Posting Content Target audience Make sure you […]

Before You Launch Your New Website

Web Design Tips

If you are planning to launch a website you may find this useful Spelling and grammar are checked for all pages. If used, all lorem ipsum content has been removed. All contact details are correct. You have the rights to use the images, fonts, and content. Your website has been tested across the major browsers. […]

Five benefits of paid social media management for small businesses

Activ Social Media

The power of social media is becoming more apparent in today’s fierce marketplace – small businesses are turning to paid social as a means to target more customers and increase website traffic. Below are five benefits of paid social media management for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 1. Brand awareness. Brand awareness might seem like a […]

Why should I bother with SEO?

Why bother with SEO

SEO is an effective low cost way of increasing the number of visitors to your website and in particular SEO for your businessgetting “targeted” customers to your website by matching your content to the things people are searching for. When people talk about SEO the word “Google” usually comes up, Google is usually the first […]

Some common website mistakes

Common Website Mistakes

A Business website is your showcase, it is increasingly the way other businesses or customers find out about your business, it’s a way of making it easier for your prospects and customers to find you, find your products and contact you. The internet is also the place your competitors live and it’s a jungle out there so making mistakes here

Some ideas when creating a marketing strategy

One of my first tasks when looking at marketing is to define who our ideal customers are. Not everyone who buys from us fits the same persona so it is important to focus your resources on the clients who are most likely to buy from you.

How to drive customers to your online shop

How to drive customers to your online shop

Your online shop is all set to go live. The next thing to worry about is driving traffic to your online shop. Low traffic is a huge challenge business owner’s face when managing an online store. E-commerce giants have the cash and the branding on