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Five benefits of paid social media management for small businesses

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The power of social media is becoming more apparent in today’s fierce marketplace – small businesses

are turning to paid social as a means to target more customers and increase website traffic. Below are five benefits of paid social media management for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

1. Brand awareness.

Brand awareness might seem like a loose goal but for many startups and entrepreneurs getting their brand seen and in front of a specific target audience is key. Social media is one of the most cost effective forms of digital marketing and provides the perfect platform to increase a business’ visibility. By utilising an effective budget and creating a targeted audience of consumers brand awareness can be increased tenfold.

2. Referral traffic.

Marketing your business on social media will increase traffic to your website. Aside from your usual customers’ who will no doubt search using keywords they already associate with your brand – using social media marketing will open you up to a whole new customer base. Without using this form of marketing any business will struggle to reach new customers outside of their loyal base of followers. Every social media channel you add to your marketing strategy is another great opportunity to capture new customers and impress them with your brand – by engaging them in unique content.

3. Cost effective.

Unlike other forms of advertising social media marketing is one of, if not the most cost effective forms out there. It costs nothing to create an initial profile whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From there it’s a case of posting regular content to your followers. The easiest way to bring in new business is to create a paid for promotion – which for a relatively small amount can provide a positive and highly successful return that can be measured and adapted for future strategies later on. You won’t need to break the bank either.

4. Strategic targeting.

Once you’ve established who your ideal customer is you can then take that user profile and create a target audience. Many social media platforms allow you to target through gender, age, location as well as interests and job title. Once this audience has been created and your paid promotion is running you know that only those who see your ad or post are genuinely interested in your business. This in turn will allow them to engage with you and potentially head to your website for further information and/or make a sale.

5. Measure success.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns? Simple, most social media channels have great tools which allow you to see how effective your ads are. You’ll be able to analyze metrics such as how often they are being clicked on, shared – and if you’ve used video how long they watched it for. This real time data is a major advantage when it comes to making sure that your adverts or posts and delivering effectively. You even have the ability to edit them during the campaign which means you don’t have to wait to see if they have been effective or not.

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