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The New Way To Make Contact In an Online World

How many business cards get lost or simply thrown away after a meeting? What do you do in an increasingly “online meeting” world?

A digital business card is an alternative to paper business cards. It is an online means of sharing contact information which can be enriched with profile pictures, social media platforms alongside your normal contact information.

Clients who scan your digital business card add your contact details directly into their contacts, they always know how to get in touch, in a place where they can call or email with a simple tap on the details. Try this example HERE

Digital Business Card


£ 99
£49 annual renewal
  • You can create and manage your listing from our easy to use dashboard.
  • unique QR code
  • personalisation
  • endless networking possibilities

Why Activ Digital Business Cards?

The digital business card we offer is unique to any other why? When creating a digital business card through activ you receive the unique feature of a QR code.

The QR code is the cherry on top of this service – all someone has to do is scan the QR code and your details are added to their contact list!


Over 90% of paper business cards are thrown away within a week of receiving them – they really are not the most sustainable way of exchanging contact details. If everyone decided to go digital with their business cards, over 7 million trees would be saved each year!


We all carry our mobile phones with us wherever we go which is great because it means you will always have access to your digital business card. As long as you have an electronic device with you, you can share your digital business card with whoever you wish!

Something that can be frustrating with paper business cards is when you change job roles or contact details – these are costly edits
with paper business cards but not with digital cards edits are easy to make and are not costly!

Increased Follow-Ups

When the small investment into our digital business card is made you are being added directly to people’s contact lists. You are opening so many doors for your business as you are becoming people’s first point of call due to the easy access to your contact details.

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Simply add contact details, photo and business info and it’s ready. 

Of course we are gere to help if you need it.

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