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Getting Google to notice you

Getting Google to notice you

As businesses, we are always looking to increase our ranking on the search engines, the more visible the better.

Here are just a few tips which may help you achieve this. The tips aim to help both with your website’s Google rankings and with your Google MyBusiness page.

Posting Content

Target audience

Make sure you create high quality content that meets the needs of your target audience, not just what you like to read.

Unique Content

Create more informative and relevant content than your competitors are doing, focus on areas where you do better and what differentiates you from them, give them a reason (and confidence) to work with you.

Managing Content

Your website is the information hub for your business, always post the content on your website and link back to it, using a link will help you build a steady stream of traffic to your site.

Experiment with other marketing strategies such as social media advertising, create “guest posts” on other relevant sites that link back to you, it all helps to create brand awareness

Make sure your content is “search friendly” it will attract more relevant traffic your content but remember your content must be readable, relevant and interesting it needs to be search optimised but not so stuffed with keywords that it is unreadable (it won’t work anyway)

 Google MyBusiness

Make sure you have a Google MyBusiness page (Google loves Google) data shows that most people don’t go past the first 2-3 pages of search results.

Give details about your business, what you do, your services and what makes you different, post images if possible and if customers come to your premises make sure they can find it.

Ask customers to post their review directly to your Google MyBusiness page, potential customers will see the reviews when your listing appears.

Provide contact details including phone number(s), email addresses, website URL and opening hours, if you aren’t working till 10pm you don’t want calls it’s annoying for you and the customer.

Keep it updated

You can create posts which appear with your listing when you appear in search results remember you are posting directly to Google, so it will be found by them

Their “Insights” section will show how you are doing and what is being looked at.

Lastly be aware that users can post to the page so keep an eye on it

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