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Keyword Metrics Explained

Keyword Metrics Explained

Keyword metrics is the data which provides information about search volumes, competition and potential value of keywords.

If you are working on your own SEO you need to understand the potential of your chosen keywords, understanding helps you make informed decisions when creating your SEO strategy.

Measure your Google metrics

Search Volume – This tells you how many people re searching for a specific keyword or phrase in the timeframe you are reporting on. Higher search volumes indicate more potential traffic for your website.

Competition – This indicates how many other sites are competing for a specific keyword or phrase, typically, the higher the competition the more difficult it will be for you to rank for the keyword or phrase.

Cost-per-click (CPC) – This figure shows you approximately how much you would pay for clicks on a specific keyword (in a paid search campaign such as PPC) a high figure usually indicates higher competition.

Keyword Difficulty – This value indicates how difficult it will  be to rank high for this Keyword or phrase, high values here usually indicate more effort will be required to rank high.

An understanding of keyword metrics will assist you to prioritise your efforts and make informed decisions on your strategy. It is also important to note that it isn’t always the best strategy to aim for the highest-ranking keywords or phrases, if you have a limited budget, for example lower ranking keywords may allow you to rank high for those words and capture a higher proportion of traffic to those searches.

It is important to remember that keyword metrics are only one factor when evaluating the potential of your chosen keywords, you also need to consider relevance to your products or services as well as your target audience.

Once chosen (if you already have a website) you will also need to evaluate your website content against your chosen keywords and phrases.

Summary – Understanding keyword metrics is an essential part of any SEO strategy, however, it is also a continual process of keyword research to revaluate the potential of your chosen words or phrases to effectively reach your target audience and drive that traffic to your website.

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