How to drive prospects to your website explained

increase your website traffic

Drive potential customers to your website with these 7 tips Make sure your website is visible to your potential customers. Use search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your site appears as high as possible in search results. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. Share links to your site on popular platforms […]

Why a Template might Not Be Right For YOUR Business

The Trouble With Website Templates

You’ve likely heard of website templates – pre-designed websites that you can download and use for your own business. With a template, all you need to do is input your own information, images, and branding, and your website is ready to go. While website templates can be tempting – especially if you’re on a tight […]

Facebook Ads Explained

Facebook ADS Explained

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook dwarfs other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. And that’s why so many businesses are turning to Facebook Ads to reach their target audiences. But what are Facebook Ads, and how do they work? Facebook […]

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Explained

Pay per Click

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are many options to choose from. One popular option is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. PPC is a form of advertising that allows you to pay for top placement on search engines. When done correctly, PPC can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website.  […]

Marketing A New Business

New Business Marketing Ideas

There are many marketing ideas for a new business, but the most important thing is to get started and to be creative.  In order for a new business to be successful, it is essential to have a solid marketing plan in place. There are many different marketing strategies that can be used, and the best […]

Keyword Metrics Explained

Keyword Metrics Explained

Keyword metrics is the data which provides information about search volumes, competition and potential value of keywords. If you are working on your own SEO you need to understand the potential of your chosen keywords, understanding helps you make informed decisions when creating your SEO strategy. Search Volume – This tells you how many people […]

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Web Designer

Why you need a professional web designer

A web designer is someone who creates attractive, functional websites or applications for other people to use. They are not just involved in making pretty pictures of you and your business, they are also very creative in how they organize and present information to users. A professional web designer has several years of experience under […]

Designing a Website Before Building It

Designing website BEFORE Building it.

Web design is all about the user experience – and a huge part of creating a positive user experience on your website is giving them what they want when they want it. If you’re trying to sell your products or services online, don’t make your site’s visitors click through pages of sales pitch before they […]

Should I Build It Myself?

For small businesses looking to create a website, the number of available resources can be overwhelming, there are lots of DIY website builders to choose from and huge numbers of online articles to assist you in the website design and build process, BUT By now, you should know the reasons why your business needs a […]

Do I need a website for my business? And where do I start?

Need Help With A Business Website

DO I NEED A WEBSITE FOR MY BUSINESS?, the answer of course is Yes, if only to avoid losing business to competitors that already have a web presence. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell your products or services online, if you are not online you will be losing business, it is the first place […]